Welcome to My College Game Plan and the  College Application Café Package,  are programs designed to support and guide your student’s college pathway.

Check out The Seattle Times article where Edge Academics & Athletics was featured in the October 16th edition of “On Course,” the Times’ bi-annual publication on college admissions: “Hey Parents. It’s Never too Early to Talk About College

  • Do you have a cohesive educational plan that supports your child’s life goals?
  • Are you concerned about your child’s readiness for high school and college?
  • Does the prospect of applying to college seem daunting?

College Application Café Package (grades 11-12) gives families the edge they need in navigating the college application process.  With record numbers of applicants, colleges and universities are more selective than ever before.  As the national average of counselor to student ratios hovers at 500:1 and the average yearly meeting time standing at 30 minutes, students and their families need more support, too.  Emily’s College Application Café Package gives families the strategies and edge they need to successfully complete the college application process.  This program includes an orientation session, College Application Workshop, application writing camp (the College Application Café), and fall follow-up (see links below).

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My College Game Plan Workshops (grades 9-10) helps your child create a clear, cohesive road map to achieve their dreams.  The arrival of the high school years can be intimidating for students and their families alike.  Confronted with myriad choices, the pressure to make the right decisions can feel overwhelming.  My College Game Plan assists students and families in preparing for the road ahead in selecting appropriate classes and understanding how freshman/sophomore high school course selection influences college option later. With My College Game Plan and the College Application Café Package, get the assistance you and your high schooler need to succeed!

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